New Concrete Estimating Software Saves – BIG TIME

Crete Quote services give your customers an instant quote for concrete projects
Using Crete Quote’s concrete estimating software, potential customers can build a custom online quote directly through the contractor’s website from the comfort of their home.

Estimating for a concrete project is a must for virtually every type of concrete project. It’s also one of the most time-consuming jobs in running a successful business.

The phone rings, the receptionist answers the call. A friendly dialog ensues, and the receptionist takes down the person’s name, number, and a few other details before promising to expect a call back from the company’s estimator. All too often, that estimator is the company owner, whose day keeps getting longer as these requests roll in.

Too often, however, the follow-up call doesn’t happen that same day. In fact, a return call may not happen until days later. By then, the customer has already called a half-dozen other contractors to get that all-important concrete estimate.

And so, this concrete estimating practice continues. For some contractors, the number of bid requests can be as high as 20 or 30 per week. Despite the staggering amount of time these inquiries demand, the number of concrete estimates that translate into new business are often as low as 20 percent.

Introducing Crete Quote

Gaetano Fuscardo of Fuscardo Concrete in Weirton, W. Va. says, “it takes an enormous amount of time every day to return calls to prospective customers, where it often turns into a game of phone tag”. Once Fuscardo can connect and get some basic questions answered, it’s now a matter of squeezing in a site visit to an already busy day.

Contractors using Crete Quote Concrete Estimating software get quote request notifications immediately on any device
The contractor receives a notification with every quote request, on any device.

Too often, the time invested in generating written estimates leads many concrete contractors to hiring an in-house estimator. Fuscardo says, “that while their business requires an in-house estimator for complex commercial projects, smaller projects are of equal importance and keep their crew’s busy year-long. It’s about working smarter, not harder.” This is where Crete Quote’s concrete estimating software has been proving its value to Fuscardo’s business without question.

Concrete quote for concrete services
The homeowner receives an accurate estimate based on individual contractor pricing. The call to action at the bottom helps to separate hot and cold leads.

Contractors, who got into business because they love working with concrete, ultimately see their business suffering because, aside from the bookkeeping tasks, estimating concrete projects pulls them off the job constantly. As a result, quality can suffer, and some contractors may eventually start to dislike their occupation because they’re no longer doing what they love—finishing concrete.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Bobby Denney with Denn-Con Concrete in Baltimore, Md. has been using Crete Quote free estimating software for the past two years and loves it. Aside from having a company website, Denney uses social media to help drive new business his way. His yard signs now include a QR code that directs people to his website. It’s there they find top-of-the-page access to the free estimating service.

According to Denney, his customers tell him they love it. Even if somebody across the street sees his crew at work installing a driveway, they can simply walk across the street and scan the QR code with a smartphone and proceed to get their own estimate that same day. It’s a professional and courteous way to help people without creating job site distractions that eat up productive work hours.

Both Fuscardo and Denney note that people using their Crete Quote estimating service don’t always follow the step-by-step instructions. These instructions include scheduling a site visit. That said, Denney takes full advantage of Crete Quote’s ability to store customer data. A follow-up call, even to those who have not advanced to scheduling a site visit, adds a personal touch for customers who already have an estimate in hand. Denney adds that, “if a phone call results in a request for a site visit, we’ve moved from a closing rate of about 20 percent to a closing rate that’s nearly 100 percent.

Getting Started is a Breeze

Contractors using Crete Quote estimating software agree that the set-up is easy. Adding labor rates, square footage minimum requirements, profit margin, additions for concrete stamping, staining and other specialty finishes result in estimates that often come within a few dollars of what an onsite estimate determines. That said, a customer never complains if the finished project ends up costing a little less. They’re also more understanding if certain details of the project result in additional cost.

Denney notes, “we have a great reputation in our area for doing quality work, and word of mouth keeps us busy enough as it is. However, when asked if Denney sees himself doing away with the Crete Quote estimating service sometime, the response is—”no way. It’s a huge time saver! And saving time means I get to spend more time with my family and friends doing things I love.” Fuscardo agrees, “Crete Quote pays for itself, multiple time over every month.”

concrete estimating software dashboard for contractors launch pad for Crete Quote concrete estimating software
The contractor has control of pricing and features displayed to their potential customers. The launch page can be set up in minutes. This launch page includes company info, gallery, testimonials, and the instant quote form.
Testing the Theory

Aaron Kinas, owner/ operator of Ageless Concrete and founder of Crete Quote, tested his free estimating theory by first opening an office in Madison, Wis. “Before scheduling any onsite meetings with us, new leads were required to first meet at our showroom to discuss their project and establish a realistic budget.”

The model worked better than expected, and closing percentages and profit margins grew. However, he now had more overhead costs in addition to paying someone to manage that side of the operation. Kinas commented that, “I knew we were on to something big with this lead funnel model, but it still took a lot of time and effort to get people to visit our showroom.”

website with concrete estimating software integrated so customers can receive a concrete quote
A custom webpage is included with the Crete Quote system.

Kinas went on a mission to find a way to digitize the model, so it was fast, easy, and affordable. A year later, he was testing his own concrete estimating software and closing on more jobs than ever before.

Why? Because a free concrete estimate is what everyone wants. Having that number in hand, quickly segregates the tire kickers from those who have the budget and are serious about getting the work done.

More than a Website Tool

Crete Quote launched its concrete estimating software at the World of Concrete show in 2020. Today, the company has hundreds of contractors subscribing to the service. Kinas recalls, “it wasn’t just about saving a contractor time or making the visitor experience great. It had to be quick and easy for contractors to use too. It couldn’t have an intimidating bone in its design.”

Kinas added that “even if a contractor doesn’t have a website, we’ve got them covered!” The Crete Quote Launch Page is a stand-alone landing page that gives contractors the ability to provide their potential customers free quotes anywhere, anytime, without a website”.

Kinas says that “the Launch Page is a huge bonus for our website subscribers.” He adds, “you can add it to social media posts or search engine pages (like Google) for highly-effective and affordable marketing campaigns. You can set it up in less than 15 minutes, and you’re good to go. It’s that easy.”

Kinas is proud of his accomplishment. But, he says that more than anything else, he feels good knowing that “hardworking concrete contractors now have an extra hour or two per day to get the job done or make it home in time for dinner with the family.”

social media integration with concrete estimating software
Social media integration comes standard with Crete Quote’s concrete estimating software.

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