Don’t Be Camera Shy — Part 2
Videos Can Help Attract New Business

Fuscardo working hard at the 2020 Decorative Concrete LIVE! held in Las Vegas last February
Gaetano Fuscardo of Fuscardo Concrete/The Artworks in West Virginia regularly posts videos of his workday in progress. Seen here, he’s working hard at the 2020 Decorative Concrete LIVE! held in Las Vegas last February. Photo from Concrete Decor archives
All other photos and artwork courtesy of Concrete Marketing Crew

With endless options, decorative concrete contractors often feel intimidated by what to create on video and how to get started. The ability to use videos to attract business is imperative in our ever-growing social media world. In this second part of a two-part article, you’ll learn about two more videos you should record for social media. Both can build both trust and authority … without a high production budget.

Job-site progress/walk-through videos

Job-site progress and walk-through videos are all about documenting the experience of delivering the final product. These can be done in real time and also don’t require as much editing as you may think. While there’s no right or wrong way to record progress, what matters is documenting the journey of going from zero to hero in delivering your service.

You can use videos to attract business through Instagram Stories
Gaetano Fuscardo of Fuscardo Concrete/The Artworks in West Virginia regularly posts about his projects on Instagram.

Here are the three types of job-site progress/walk-through videos you can create now to attract business:

1. The Stories/Insta Story/TikTok video

This is a short-form video snapshot of your workday in progress. With so many features available in these platforms, they have made it so easy to add filters and tag locations. Subsequently, these videos help you brand your business in a short-form way.

Gaetano Fuscardo is a flatwork and decorative concrete contractor who operates a mom-and-son business out of West Virginia. He’s become a recognized contractor by documenting his days and projects on Instagram.

2. Time-lapse and cinematic-style video

Don’t get intimidated by these fancy-looking videos. Most smart phones provide time-lapse features that make it easy to edit videos. Cameras like GoPro and video editors like iMovie allow you to easily create walk-through videos. This enables others to join you in behind-the-scenes experiences.

If you’re working on a large outdoor project, record a drone view video. These videos, which are always exciting to watch, make great posts for both Facebook and LinkedIn.

3. Documented project video

Contractors such as Tim Seay, owner of Decorative Concrete of Virginia, use their video-editing skills to document a project’s progress. As a result, they enjoy hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Mike Day, owner of Day’s Concrete Floors Inc. in Maine, established the website, Everything About Concrete. Through it, he has built a massive video library of documented projects, applications, tutorials and tips. Consequently, they have earned him more than 80,000 YouTube subscribers and 11 million views on the topic of concrete.

Videos that have more in-depth, documented content tend to thrive on YouTube, the second-largest search engine in the world. Its users are intentionally looking for video content.

A screenshot of a video on YouTube about installing decorative concrete coatings.
Tim Seay of Decorative Concrete of Virginia gives a documented project walk-through in the video found at

Job-site walk-through/progress videos make great posts and they also showcase your company’s competency. As a result, you can proudly distinguish yourself from your local competitors and showcase your specialty. And it doesn’t require a full video crew following you around.

Your iPhone/smartphone likely has similar capabilities as a digital single-lens reflex camera. Consequently, it can get very good footage. If you want to record videos more often, investing in a GoPro would be a smart idea. What’s required is good light and finding a good camera angle.

Mike Day of Day’s Concrete Floors has amassed 80,000 YouTube subscribers through his impressive video library.
The video testimonial

Video testimonials are some of the most underutilized yet most powerful videos you can create for your company. Again, you don’t need a production company to do this. Simply take your phone and record a selfie-style video.

Ask your clients to share their experience in working with you. How did they find you? What made them hire you? How do they like the finished product? What would they say to someone on the fence about hiring you? Ask simple, direct questions. Their subsequent answers will give you some of the best marketing assets you can have for your company — testimonials.

It’s 2020! Don’t be so shy about getting in front of your camera. Moreover, you can share your craftsmanship and passion with the world and use videos to attract business! So, get active on social media and let potential customers know you’re ready to help them.

In conclusion, here’s some advice from the late CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes. “Don’t ever assume the viewer knows what they’re looking at. Show them and tell them.”

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