Recipe: Rich Swirling Out-of-this World Floor Finish

Metallic epoxy coated floor in rich amber and gold.
Photo courtesy of SBR Concrete

SBR Concrete
Bedford Heights, Ohio

Reminiscent of nothing so much as the surface of Jupiter, this rich swirling effect is guaranteed to take any floor up a notch.


  • Elite Crete Thin Finish cement overlay, mixed with 0.5 oz. Elite Crete Portion Control Colorant: Desert Beige
  • Elite Crete E-100 VB-6 epoxy: clear
  • Elite Crete E-100 UV-1 epoxy: clear
  • Elite Crete Reflector Enhancer: Brass, Gunmetal and Moss
  • Elite Crete Hydra Stone dye stain: Chocolate Brown
  • Required equipment: spray bottle


  • Grind, acid etch and neutralize your substrate.
  • Apply one coat of the colored Thin Finish, and let dry before applying a second coat.
  • Apply one coat of the VB-6 epoxy at a thickness of 12 mils and let dry.
  • Make sure you have everything you need for the next several steps close at hand. The process has to be done quickly due to the fact that epoxy has about a 15-to-20-minute window of workability.
  • Mix each color in a separate 2-quart batch. For the Brass, add 2 teaspoons of Reflector Enhancer to 2 quarts of UV-1 epoxy. For the Gunmetal, 1 teaspoon of Reflector Enhancer to 2 quarts of UV-1 epoxy. And for the Moss, 2 teaspoons of Reflector Enhancer to 2 quarts of UV-1 epoxy.
  • Apply one coat of clear UV-1 epoxy and then, while the epoxy is still wet, it’s time for the color. Drizzle each of your colors randomly across the surface. (Remember, work quickly!)
  • Once your Reflector Enhancer colors are drizzled, lightly mist the surface with the Hydra Stone. Use a Windex-type spray bottle for this application – you only need a very small amount of the Hydra Stone.
  • Finally, using a steel trowel, lightly trowel the floor to mix the colors together and achieve the marbling. Let it set.

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