10 Most Popular Class Topics in the Concrete Decor Show’s History (with one bonus)

Of the Concrete Decor Show’s top 35 most-attended courses, some topics emerged that were more popular than all the others. First on the list are countertops, followed by polymer overlays and coatings, and polishing concrete. These topics are perennially popular because there’s always something to learn about new or improved products and techniques that can sharpen contractors’ skills and expand their know-how.

We strive to offer basic knowledge classes that are always in demand, but also present courses that keep our artisans on the cutting edge of industry developments. If you want to teach at an upcoming Concrete Decor Show or take a class in a certain subject, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to add it in. In the list that follows, Nos. 10 and 11 were so close that we included both of them.

1. Countertops
Our course “Concrete Countertops: Getting It Right” was our most popular offering ever. We think there must be a lot of pretty great concrete countertop artisans out there by now.

2. Polymer Overlays and Coatings
Why tear out and demolish a concrete slab when you can use an overlay or coating and make it better than ever? Course attendees learn when, where and how to use these materials for makeovers or restoration.

3. Polished Concrete
What can you do with polished concrete? Oh, pretty much anything. Polishing is probably the most well-known concrete surface finishing technique, so taking classes ensures you’ll have the skills to achieve what your clients seek.

Chris Sullivan explains why sealers are important to decorative concrete at the Concrete Decor Show.4. Sealers
Sure, you’ve got time to apply the wrong sealer to a job and have it flake off, then go back and fix it, over and over again – Not! Take classes on this subject so you’re never in this position.

5. Marketing
You’ve likely put more energy and money into your business than anything else in your life. Doesn’t this kind of investment deserve the best chance to succeed? Many people can excel at decorative concrete but running a business is an entirely different skill set. Pursuing help with business growth and marketing is the smart thing to do.

6. Designing and Specifying
By now, most of us know about concrete’s chameleon qualities, impressive longevity, enduring strength and endless uses. Now we need to get designers and specifiers on board to help promote this amazing medium. Courses like this identify key considerations to support concrete’s ever-advancing capabilities.

7. Concrete Flooring
Concrete floors can be painted to look like carpet or stained and textured to mimic wood or stone. Imprinted and inlaid graphics and related techniques can open up whole new worlds for what you can offer your clients.

Interested in learning more about the potential of this versatile material? Decorative concrete artisans who have taught at our workshops know more about glass fiber reinforced concrete than anybody out there. These courses are typically a mix of theory and hands-on training and, by the end of class, most participants are ready and eager to fabricate just about anything.

9. Vertical Applications
What vertical applications really come down to is adaptability. With the right mix and skill, most any finish can be applied vertically — whether we’re talking faux finishes, stamping, carving, staining or even polishing — thanks to advances in product and equipment.

Learn how to decorate anything made of concrete with acid stains. Combined with the versatility of concrete, these stains create beautiful, unique finishes limited only by your imagination.10. Acid Stains
Learn how to decorate anything made of concrete with acid stains. Combined with the versatility of concrete, these stains create beautiful, unique finishes limited only by your imagination.

11. Fireplaces and Fire Features
Modern homeowners are all about the outdoor living space. They see premier examples of fire pits and seating walls on television and in magazines, and they want them for themselves. This class will help you configure outdoor rooms that are as functional and comfortable as they are beautiful.

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