Basics of Concrete Overlays

Overlays, whether a commercial system or a custom-mixed blend, typically combine cement, various aggregates and polymer resins. These resins add additional flexural, abrasion and compressive strength. This virtually eliminates cracking, chipping, freeze-thaw damage, water discoloration and scuff marks. This list will go through the very basics of concrete overlays, so you can consider adding them to your line of work.

Instead of ripping out and replacing an existing surface, concrete overlays can be used over sound flooring made of concrete, vinyl or wood. Overlays, typically applied from ¼ to ½ inch thick, can restore, protect and enhance a surface with a new color, texture or pattern.

Properly cleaning existing substrate prior to installing a concrete overly is the first step in the basics of concrete overlaysStep 1:
Properly clean and prepare the existing substrate before applying a self-leveling overlay.

Step 2 of the basics of concrete overlays: Applying stain to concrete overlay creates visual interest to concrete.Step 2:
If desired, “grout lines” are sawcut into the overlay for visual interest.

Step 3 of the basics of concrete overlays: Removal of excess concrete stain prior to neutralizing the concrete overlay.Step 3:
Apply stain using a variety of techniques and colors, therefore enhancing the design created with the scorelines.

Using a concrete overlay over a cracked slab may not hide the crack for long.Step 4:
Remove excessive stain and the neutralize the surface before sealing

Long driveway with decorative concrete overlay covering a cracked slab. Step 5:
Cracks like these may eventually show through a thin concrete overlay, but proper surface preparation can minimize this problem.

Mastering the basics of concrete overlays is a great first step into bringing new streams of income to your decorative concrete business.

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