Bayferrox C Pigment Granules Cut Down on Dust and Sticking

Bayferrox C pigment granules cut down on dust, sticking

In its standard form, Bayferrox iron oxide pigment is a very fine, particle-sized powder. With Bayferrox C, the standard powder is compacted into an irregularly shaped granule. This is a cost-effective, low-dusting and free-flowing pigment that can be metered easily and accurately. Bayferrox C can be used in all applications for coloring concrete products where pigment powders have traditionally been used, including dry mixes like mortars and grouts.

The pigments are made from ISO certified powder pigments and offer color consistency and high tinting strength. They are weather and alkali resistant. Concrete technology tests have shown that this binder does not influence the properties of either wet or dry concrete, including setting time and compressive strength.

The color palette for Bayferrox C is four primary shades. From these shades, a nearly infinite range of final colors is possible. The product’s flow characteristics allow for very accurate metering, and modern metering equipment can consistently weigh and transfer the four primary pigments directly into the concrete mixer. They show less sticking and bridging than their powder counterparts. They can also be used in dry-to-wet metering systems, which take the dry pigment, mix it with water, then pump the pigment slurry to the concrete mixer.

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