Deeply Penetrating Pigment Water Repellent Sealer / Stain – Acryl Pen

Penetrating, pigmented water repellent sealer/stain designed for both interior and exterior horizontal concrete and masonry surfaces from Nox-Crete.Acryl-Pen by Nox-Crete is a deeply penetrating, pigmented water repellent sealer/stain. Acryl-Pen is designed for both interior and exterior horizontal concrete and masonry surfaces. It protects surfaces from discoloration caused by air pollution and the damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles, carbonation, graffiti, and pedestrian and vehicular-borne substances. This water repellent sealer is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Additionally, the use of Acryl-Pen on concrete without a smooth finish is okay as well.

Acryl-Pen by Nox-Crete is available in 11 standard colors. Special order custom colors are also available. For vertical applications, a pigmented sealer/stain, Nox-Carb is also available.

Acryl-Pen applications
  • Primarily designed for exterior applications
  • Beautify and seal pedestrian walkways, balconies, plaza decks and entryways
  • Ideal on sporting arena concourses, walkways and ramps
  • Exterior food preparation areas to prevent food staining and facilitate cleanup
  • Exterior shopping mall and food courts to beautify, seal and protect
Advantages of this exterior concrete stain
  • Silane chemistry allows maximum penetration into micro-pores
  • Provides rich color for exterior concrete surfaces
  • Protects concrete surfaces from abrasion, delamination, cracking and freeze/thaw damage
  • Protects concrete surfaces from food or oil stains
  • Penetrates and bonds permanently with concrete
  • Will not fade, chalk or flake
  • Protects deep within substrate surfaces where it’s not subject to early failure due to weather, traffic or other abrasive mechanisms
  • Allows precise color application to put detailed designs in effect
  • Breathable and therefore allows water vapor transmission
  • Minimal surface film accumulation
  • Incorporate a non-slip additive for increased slip-resistance

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