Impact versus Polish:
UDT’s Impact Sealer is a Real Win on Concrete and Terrazzo

Impact Sealer for Concrete on this showroom floor
Impact Sealer for Concrete shown on a showroom floor.

Because of its smoothness and seemingly low-maintenance requirements, polished concrete floors are being requested by increasingly more homeowners and architects. However, this traditional method involves multiple steps of diamond grinding and polishing. Overall, polishing is very invasive. It starts with rougher-grit diamonds and moves to finer grits to achieve a smooth surface.

Grinding concrete without using water may create and raise dust particles that can damage lungs and even lead to death. (Many articles address the dangers of silicosis, including articles from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

Grinding also involves the use of chemicals such as concrete hardeners, fillers and stain guards. You must reapply these stain guards every three to six months to keep the surface protected from staining and etching. Staining and etching affect both the appearance and integrity of the concrete.

Many believe polishing a concrete floor makes care less of a hassle. However, isn’t it reminiscent of the incessant buffing, stripping and waxing required for traditional vinyl floor care? Polishing concrete may achieve a beautiful and relatively scratch-resistant surface. However, does that mean it’s the best choice for the environment it’s being used in?

Just one thin coat

Ultra Durable Technologies’ Impact Sealer for Concrete and Terrazzo is a water-based urethane that changes the game for concrete care. Not only can you apply it directly to concrete without grinding, but it also lasts three to five years even in high-traffic areas, compared to just a few months.

Impact makes a large impact on the floor-care industry and a small impact on the environment. This is a win for planet Earth and for everyone in it. Impact decreases water and chemical waste and saves time, money and labor.

For routine maintenance, cleaning involves using plain water and a microfiber pad or an auto-scrubber. Furthermore, it just takes one thin coat of Impact to seal concrete and terrazzo floors. This one coating prevents staining and abrasion, including those caused by chemicals. It also maintains a glossy shine, and makes maintenance “green” and easy. It can even prevent slips and falls when combined with UDT traction additives.

If that’s not the mark of a real winner, we don’t know what is.

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