Understanding Chemical Treatments for Polished Concrete Will Boost Business

Jennifer Faller teaching a course at the Concrete Decor Show about understanding chemical treatments for polished concrete
Jennifer Faller introduces a class to several categories of polished concrete treatments during the 2013 Concrete Decor Show. Photo from the Concrete Decor archives

In 2013, I introduced nine categories of polished concrete treatments at the Concrete Decor Show. Since then, some have ignored these nine categories of chemical treatments, while others have used them as game-changers. Today, commonly used treatments consist of densifiers/hardeners, grout and joint-fillers, and stain protection guards. In addition to these, there are many other treatment options you should be aware of too!

Nine unique categories of treatments/products
  1. We can apply a treatment before running diamonds across the concrete. I consider these options pre-grind chemistries.
  2. We have numerous repair products that help fill in and repair surface voids to achieve clearer reflections and shine. Along with joint sealants, they can also be color-matched!
  3. The introduction of topical color in many hues became popular when acetone dye became available. For permanency, choose stain.
  4. Most consider densifiers/hardeners an absolute.
  5. Color enhancers more vividly help bring a floor to life.
  6. Most find stain-resistant products essential due to polished concrete’s continual expansion into environments where people prepare, serve and spill food.
  7. As part of the polish, stain protection products get applied at the end of most polish jobs.
  8. Slurry management options have expanded with the popularity of wet grinding.
  9. Finally, maintenance and slip-prevention products have grown significantly important even though some prefer to ignore their existence.
Become familiar with these treatments

Through upcoming tips, I’ll cover these options’ pros, cons and usages to help you complete polishing jobs better and faster. By using these nine treatments, you’ll achieve excellent proficiency, more profitability and much satisfaction.

I hope this brief introduction has piqued your interest in the multitude of products available to concrete polishers. I aim to arm you with information so during a production situation your crews can confidently answer, “Yes, we can!”

Here’s the tip

Continue to be aware and take full advantage of mechanical advancements (diamonds and equipment) and product solutions. Learn how chemical treatment solutions can benefit you also.

Learning about chemical treatments will elevate your polishing division above the rest. Opportunities that include unusual and rewarding potentially lucrative situations will be low-hanging fruit ready for your company to grab!


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