June 2021 – Online Exclusive

Pre-grind Treatments Can Improve Polished Concrete’s Outcome

Polishing concrete on the surface (ha-ha) seems reasonably straightforward. Buy the right equipment, attach diamond tooling, turn on the equipment and “mow” the concrete. Do this one row at a time and repeat with finer grits. How hard can this be? Well, that just might be the first problem. How […]

Ultra Durable Technologies Adds New Member to its List of Distributors

Ultra Durable Technologies (UDT) has entered into a strategic agreement with United Surface Preparation (USP) that makes USP an authorized distributor of its innovative concrete coatings. United Surface Preparation is a leading specialty industrial distributor with a national reach. Headquartered in Anoka, Minnesota, with a second location in Tampa, Florida, […]

Understanding Chemical Treatments for Polished Concrete Will Boost Business

In 2013, I introduced nine categories of polished concrete treatments at the Concrete Decor Show. Since then, some have ignored these nine categories of chemical treatments, while others have used them as game-changers. Today, commonly used treatments consist of densifiers/hardeners, grout and joint-fillers, and stain protection guards. In addition to […]

Business growth

Rework: Is it an investment or unnecessary cost?

When I’m wearing my teaching/training hat, I’m known to say, “when you go back for rework, you just forfeited your profit.” But recently, an owner required one of my polisher/clients to do some rework on a polishing job. Consequently, during our conversation, I saw another angle. I had thought of […]