A-H Stained Glass Floor System: High-Gloss Film for Concrete Floors

High-Gloss Film for Concrete Floors that is designed to be competitive with acid stainingThe A-H Stained Glass Floor System, from Anti-Hydro International, is a solvent based system that creates a vibrant-colored, transparent, high-gloss film for concrete and masonry floors.

The coating, which goes on in four layers, contains no pigments and creates beautiful colors by changing the refractive index of light, like a precious stone.

“We envision the product as jewelry for a room,” says Bruce Kreielsheimer, director of operations for Anti-Hydro, which has 100 years of experience as an industrial flooring and waterproofing company. “It’s so original we have a patent pending.”

The product, designed for high-end residential and commercial use, comes in 15 colors: emerald, tourmaline, jade, amber, citrine, sapphire, aquamarine, moonstone, rose quartz, garnet, ruby, onyx, spinel, topaz, and peridot.

Originally designed to be competitive with acid stains, the coloring system is actually very different because it shows the floor underneath and combines with the underlayment color to create unique hues. “Half the look is our product and half is what you’re putting it over,” Kreielsheimer says. “It makes it more marbleized.”

The product can go over a floor that has been ground to expose the aggregate, creating interesting patterns of color and texture. If you catch an edge and create a groove while grinding, product is thicker in those spots, creating a pattern of dark and light. Some contractors are putting metal flake in the product or even embedding fiber optics.

The Stained Glass Flooring System is appropriate for high-end residences, shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs, showrooms, hotels, etc. It is not recommended for areas with excessive abrasion, exterior applications, or areas that require slip resistance when wet. For more information, call (800) 777-1773 or visit www.anti-hydro.com

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