Elegant Glossy Concrete Floor Finish

Use Kemiko Neutra Clean and Black stain to produce this beautiful two tone concrete floor.
Photo courtesy of Kemiko Concrete Products and Jagger SSC, of Dallas, Texas

Kemiko Concrete Products – Whittier, Calif.

This elegant color combination is the way to go for a simple design that calls for a two-toned color scheme.

Kemiko Neutra Clean
Kemiko Black Stain, in two batches: Lighter color – 1 part Black Stain to 18 parts water
Darker color -1 part Black Stain to 4 parts water
Kemiko Stone Tone Wax II (Buff On)

– Wash the concrete surface thoroughly with Kemiko Neutra-Clean, using either a slow-speed floor machine with a scrub brush attachment or a long-handled, medium-stiff bristle brush. Then wet-vacuum (preferred) or mop (many moppings may be necessary) to remove all dirt. Allow the floor to dry completely.

– After mixing the stain batches, apply them to the floor with a foam brush, working wet on wet. Apply the lighter color three times (be sure to let each coat dry completely) and the darker color twice.

– After the floor has completely dried, scrub off the residue using a slow-speed floor machine with a scrub brush attachment, Neutra-Clean and water only, or a long-handled, medium-stiff bristle brush, and remove the water-and-residue mixture from the floor with a wet vacuum (preferred) or a mop and squeegee. (Note: If color comes up on a white towel after wiping the floor, clean again.) c Allow the floor to dry completely.

– Apply Kemiko Stone Tone Wax II (Buff On) with a heavy floor-polishing machine (slow speed, 175 rpm) and three attachments, to be used one after the other: a Bassine brush when applying (this stiff natural-bristle brush is the most critical of the three steps when achieving the effect), a medium-bristle brush (Palmyra, Union Mix, or Tampico) when buffing, and a polishing pad (if needed).

– When putting the wax onto the floor, spread a smooth light coating of wax out from the walls (2 to 3 inches) and in the corners out to the radius of the floor machine attachment. Put no more than 1/8 cup of wax on the floor in the center of the first 3-foot to 4-foot square. It will appear wet and dull. Immediately work the wax by spreading and burning it in with the natural stiff-bristle attachment (this may take one to two minutes). Move to the next area, maintaining no larger than a 3-to-4-foot quadrant, and repeat the step only after the wax in the preceding area is giving off a slight glare and the wax ridges have disappeared. Mineral spirits will soften any ridges or excess wax, allowing it to be spread and worked in.

– When you have completed the application phase, change to the medium-bristle brush attachment and buff the entire floor, including your original hand-waxed areas. After buffing, if greater protection is desired, repeat the first phase, applying a thin second coat. Then rebuff. If a slightly higher sheen is desired, buff with the soft polishing pad.

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