University Building Transformed
by New Dye System

Intersecting blue, purple, orange and red concrete stained floors.Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems has sent us some photos and information of a striking dye installation in the classrooms, hallways and main entrance of the United States University building in Chula Vista, Calif.

The job was completed in May by Life Deck Coating Installations, a San Diego outfit close to Westcoat, under Orange County contractor Caliber Construction Inc. Jennifer Roberts, of San Diego-based Roberts Bennett Norton, was the architect.

More facts about the project, as presented to us by Westcoast representative Kara Ferguson: “United States University President Tom Finaly showed up (to a preliminary meeting) with an epoxy paint chip sample stating that’s what he wanted. Life Deck representative Larin Felker met with Jennifer Roberts and client and rewrote the spec recommending a grind, Fast Stain and seal job, developing a more creative floor while saving him money — 15-20 percent.” Fast Stain is a line of acetone dyes from Westcoat.

“The building was five years old — the place was gutted, had new walls with existing, bare concrete. Life Deck ground the concrete, patched and repaired spalls and divots and created a cut pattern of geometric contemporary shapes in the concrete, as determined by the architect.

“Westcoat Fast Stain SC-36 was then applied in several colors including purple, red, aquamarine, burnt orange, and green. The stained concrete was then sealed with two coats of Westcoat EC-11, a fast drying and environmentally friendly sealer.

“The challenges of the project mostly involved logistics with working around other trades doing consecutive work and their project delays.”

A bright blue wall with blue and gray concrete stained floors.

Bright walls and brightly stained concrete floors.

A space with a bed and a wheelchair that has stained concrete floors.

Two colors, red and purple, were stained onto this concrete floor.

A whiteboard sits on green stained concrete floor in a bright room.

Two love seats sit on a concrete floor that is stained with bright colors.

A close up look of reds and greens on the concrete stained floor.

A hallway that has purple and green stained concrete floors.

Two trees sit beside a leather couch on a concrete stained floor with blue and purple stain.

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