Recipe: Metallic Without Mud

Metallic Without Mud
Steven Ochs, Southern Arkansas University — Magnolia, Ark. Metallic Without Mud, metallic color for concrete that is a true metallic.

Smith Paints CT-8 cleaner
Smith Paints Color Floor products: White, Dark Chocolate, Metallic Gold, Silver or Copper
Sealer based on application

Clean surface with power washer using a zero-degree rotating tip. Apply solution of CT-8, one cup per gallon of water. Scrub with floor machine fitted with either Nylo-Grit or Malish diamond brush. Use 80 grit for most outside broomed finishes.

Allow to set for 15 minutes (do not let solution dry) then power wash. Transfer design to surface, being careful of excess dust created by the drawing material.

Paint in your highlights and shadows using only the White and Dark Chocolate. This technique, known as “Chiaroscuro,” was used by Leonardo da Vinci in the 1500s to create the illusion of high relief.

Roll on thin layers of one of the Smith metallic stains until you achieve the desired effect. Each layer will soften the contrast between the lights and darks as the metallic surface becomes stronger. This enables the metallic to be clean and crisp without being muddied by other pigments. Allow to dry/cure for 24 hours before sealing.

The sealer used on this job was a polyaspartic polyurea from Flexmar with 16 ounces of Arizona Polymer’s Resin Sand (40 grit and 60 grit) added per gallon for safety.

Apply the second coat of Bond-Kote with a squeegee and follow the squeegee application with a soft-bristled broom, also at 300 square feet per bag, to create a broom finish. Additional coats may be required to achieve the desired finish. Sanding may also be required if ridges are present on the surface to smooth them.

After applying the final coat of Bond-Kote, always wait 24 hours before applying any other coatings or sealers.

Apply a minimum of two coats of the Super-Krete sealer of choice.

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