Aurora Epoxy Dust for Metallic Look from McKinnon Materials Inc.

Metallic epoxy by McKinnon Materials adds to the market share.Pearlescent metallic effects are the latest hot trend in epoxies, and Aurora Epoxy Dust from McKinnon Materials Inc. is the most recent product to join the 3-D party.

Aurora Epoxy Dust is a powdered “nanopigment” that can be mixed into 100 percent solids epoxy. It is available in 12 standard colors.

“It has pearlescence, mica and powdered pigment, so when you combine everything together you get color effects you can’t normally accomplish,” says McKinnon product specialist Buster O’Steen.

While the effects Aurora Epoxy Dust produces certainly look advanced, the installation process is actually quite simple.

The first step is to put down a primer, which is typically a dark color such as black. The first step is to put down a primer, which is typically a dark color such as black. Once that dries, simply apply a 20-mil spread of Aurora and wait approximately five to 10 minutes for the material to self-level. Once the time has passed, trowel, squeegee, or even blow the epoxy around the floor. This will redistribute the mica, creating the metallic look. Also, as the material settles, the dark primer shows through in the higher spots on the floor, creating additional visual depth.

“I’ve tried to mess this up, and the only thing you can do to do that is spread it on the floor and take a long lunch and go back out on it too late,” O’Steen says.

You aren’t just limited to a single color of Aurora either. You can mix in one shade of Aurora during the initial blending process and apply another during the redistribution stage. You can also add more or less to the epoxy to create varying shades.

Aurora Epoxy Dust is sold in a 16-ounce container, which is the recommended amount to mix into 4 gallons of epoxy.

“Even if just one person is applying the product, they will still have enough time to complete the job before it’s no longer workable,” O’Steen says.

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