21st Century Plastic Form Release for Concrete

If you’re using a 21st century form product, such as plastic, then it probably makes sense to use a 21st century form-release system, as well.

Jake Stubbs, an executive assistant with Franmar, says any time you’re concerned about sticking issues that might damage or destroy the surface of your concrete, you should use a form release. “It’s going to give you a better, smoother and denser finish,” he says. “It’s going to come out a lot better.”

Blue Bear offers a full line of concrete form releases for an assortment of different forms. While the Blue Bear 800GP is geared toward general construction usage on wood and steel forms, there are releases for latex, urethane, precast steel and even stamp-pad forms.

“We work with a lot of manufacturers, and it makes a difference if you’re working outdoors on a job site versus in a factory running a production line,” Stubbs says. “It also depends on what kind of finish you’re looking for.” For example, he says, something calling for a high-end architectural finish requires a different release than a utility box which will be buried.

One big difference between Franmar’s Blue Bear line and its petroleum-based competitors is its water-based and environmentally friendly products. Franmar is in the process of developing more biodegradable products for the marketplace. Among its latest efforts is a water-based system available in concentrate form.

Still, Stubbs says, it’s a slow process weaning people away from products they’ve used for years, and much depends on how stringent state and local regulations are.

For instance, he notes that petroleum-based chemicals can be sprayed on and contractors know they work. But Franmar offers an alternative because the company strives to manufacture products that are effective and safe for both user and environment.

“People are concerned with change,” he concludes. “But, this stuff really works.”

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