February/March 2019 Publisher’s Letter

If you attended the 2019 World of Concrete in Las Vegas, I hope you took the time to visit Decorative Concrete LIVE! This is the third year Concrete Decor has hosted this outdoor event. Based on the response from attendees, it’s one of the top attractions on their list.

A challenging part of this event is taking the diverse range of products that exhibitors offer and turning them into practical, creative and inspiring applications for a show with worldwide influence. This event wouldn’t happen without products and it definitely wouldn’t happen without a knowledgeable and talented team of artisans doing the work.

I want to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the men and women whose work made it all happen. Among them are Emil Gera, Matt Sampson, Matthew Desurne, Sam Syvrud, Aaron Knox and Hugo Arias. Also, Jeremiah Point, Scott Kummer, Ben Wiese, Cindee Lundin, and Shellie Rigsby-Cordell. Additionally Rick Lobdell, Tim Maloney, Debbie Ohland, Gregg Hensley, Jesse Watt, Jeff Szalony, Dustin Thornley helped tremendously. Sheri Mikkelsen, Mike Schwab, Paul Wilson, Mark Haen, Danny Carrillo, and Marty O’Mara were crucial. And let’s not forget Johanne Leclaire, Arlene Mazzocco Gallitto and Anthony Kurowski. If anyone is missing here, please know that you’re all appreciated!

Added thanks to Jack and Lindsey Christianson at Concrete Accessories. They provided space at their store for material deliveries before the show. Plus, WOC show management along with Sue Basham and Rick Yelto. These folks provided both preshow and on-site support that simply made everything run smoothly.

It takes a lot of people to make big things happen in the concrete industry. I salute these hard-working folks who felt both the muscle pain and sleep deprivation that tend to accompany the effort that goes into a production like this.

Next, our sights are focused on the 2019 Concrete Decor Show in Arlington, Texas. We’re assembling one of the best educational programs we’ve ever developed. Additionally, we are filling the exhibit hall roster with companies that’ll help you run profitable businesses for years to come.

If asked, what’s the single most-important tool in this industry, I’d reply people. We need one another to deliver quality and we need one another’s support to ensure business success.

Let’s plan to regroup in Arlington this fall, when the Concrete Decor Show showcases the best of the best in architectural and decorative concrete. For now, enjoy the magazine!

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