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Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later Makes Financing for Building Supplies Accessible to All Construction Pros

BlueTape announced the launch of its Buy Now Pay Later feature. This is a financing tool that enables construction professionals to buy their building materials now and pay back over time. As of today, builders and contractors all around the country can start using BlueTape to finance their building supplies […]

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Adapting Your Decorative Concrete Business During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought much more than illness to our nation. Many changes have happened throughout every state in the U.S. because of the coronavirus. Adapting your business during COVID-19 is as important as ever. Changes and adaptations can include things like masks, social distancing and permanent business closures. […]

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Concrete Science Degree Program Aims to Fill Manager Void

The first graduating class in the Concrete Science Technology program at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport received their diplomas in Spring 2020. Prior to that, all seven graduates had already received great job offers, says Frank H. Reber, a construction technology instructor who heads up the two-year associate […]

Raken Launches New Equipment Feature for Easy Monitoring of Construction Projects

Raken, the top-rated mobile field management solution for the construction industry, today announced the final feature in its Production Tracking product offering, which now includes Time, Materials and Equipment. The Equipment feature allows contractors and subcontractors to track owned and rented equipment use, record total time spent on construction sites and collect data on engine hours to optimize usage.

Expectation Management Should Be Part of Conversation with Customers

Have you ever been in the process of completing or had just completed what to you was an amazing architectural concrete project only to be told by your client:
“It’s not what I was expecting.”
“Meh! It looks kind of ‘blah.’ I thought the color would ‘pop’ more.”
“I don’t like it.”