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Construction Industry’s Worker Shortage Hurts Housing Affordability and Supply

The construction industry faces a shortfall of workers, nearing 200,000 according to a new report released by the Home Builders Institute (HBI). The construction industry worker shortage wil hurt both supply and housing affordability nationwide. The first-ever HBI Construction Labor Market Report notes that shortages of skilled trade workers directly […]

Topcon Podcast Looks at Current State of Construction Industry, Opportunities for Growth and More

The latest installment in the Topcon podcast series “Topcon Talks Construction” is now available. Hosted by Murray Lodge, senior vice president of Construction for Topcon Positioning Group, the podcast covers a number of topics ranging from the current state of economic recovery in the U.S. and North America to building […]

As Wood Costs Increase, Recent Study Reveals Concrete Masonry Costs Remain Stable

When developers and REITs are defining the financial position of their multi-family investment opportunity, construction materials can be an afterthought in the overall planning process. And, when materials are factored into the equation, masonry construction is often overlooked. This due to the perception that concrete costs more and takes longer […]

stamped concrete that looks like woodplanks

Stamped and Textured Concrete are the Foundation of the Decorative Industry

Stamped concrete, also known as textured or embossed concrete, is the most recognized decorative concrete finish. It is also often the first thing people think of when saying the term “decorative concrete.” It is often considered the foundation of decorative concrete. A case can be made that in 1970 the […]

Vertical Carved Concrete Decor Logo

Turning Trade Skills into Your Livelihood

After 10 years in the trades, I decided to take my business education and trade skills in a new direction. I started a trade magazine called PaintPRO. For nearly eight years, that magazine catered to the needs of a nationwide community of painting and decorating contractors. And while big box […]

Decorative Concrete Demand Fueled by Rising Expenditure on Home Renovation

Homeowners, builders and designers worldwide are beginning to recognize the benefits of incorporating decorative concrete in their plans and designs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes and buildings. Technological innovations in construction tools and the use of concrete stains and dyes to obtain different patterns and textures have made concrete one of the most versatile and cost-effective home décor materials on the market.