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Concrete Business Specializes In Innovative Metallic Epoxies

For a man who was an Eastern Airline employee for years and owned his own pest control company after that, he found working with his hands, LEDs and chemicals familiar territory. So when the economy began to tank, it wasn’t that far of a stretch when Clem Carrion founded Visual Artisan in December 2007, a concrete business that specializes in concrete countertops, innovative lighting and metallic epoxies, as well as faux wood and stone.

The Illuminator Creates the Magic For Fiber Optics in Concrete

The illuminator is a sort of "magic box" that performs several functions in a fiber-optic concrete installation. First, it is the place where the light source illuminates the fibers. Second, it is the matrix that holds the fibers in place in the order required to create a desired effect. Third, it houses the equipment that controls the color, brightness and sequence of the lights.