Author: Concrete Decor Staff

Alchemco Concrete Waterproofing Systems – Good News for Failing U.S. Infrastructure

Alchemco – an acknowledged leader in concrete waterproofing systems, continues to grow its presence in the global infrastructure marketplace. The BridgeDECK product line, is the latest addition to Alchemco’s growing array of products. Their products are designed to increase the durability and sustainability of concrete structures. Using its award-winning biochemically […]

business trends for 2020

AOE Announces 2020 Business Operating Trends in Survey

Advancing Organizational Excellence (AOE) is a full-service consulting firm. The firm has unique expertise serving professional service and technical industries. AOE has announced the results of its 2020 business operating trends survey. The goal of the survey was to identify how the COVID-19 pandemic altered business operations. The survey also […]