Author: Concrete Decor Staff

Mortars Ideal for Concrete Repair

Sto Corp. has introduced Trowel Grade Repair Mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor (CR701CI). The product, an enhanced reformulation of CR701, is designed to provide an integral corrosion inhibitor that has been a requirement by many specifying engineers. Sto Trowel-Grade Mortar is a polymer-modified, cementbased mortar for structurally repairing or overlaying […]

Unit keeps multiple rooms warm

The HotBox, from Mosebach Manufacturing Company, is a durable, portable industrial heater that is ideal for plaster and concrete curing applications. Unlike fuel-powered blasters that release moisture into the air, the electric-powered HotBox delivers a dry heat. The unit’s powerful blower circulates this dry air farther and faster, servicing multiple […]