Affinity Tool announces new diamond-blade division

Affinity Tool Works has launched the Dtec Diamond Blade product division. Dtec offers three lines of diamond blades, providing a solution for every type of construction cutting application and budget. The Dtec blades are engineered to perform and built to meet the demands of a variety of applications, and are intended to fit a wide range of both gas- and electric-powered saws.

Dtec’s Superior series offers more than 10 blade sizes and is available in segmented and turbo configurations. With either a 12 mm or 15 mm segment height, the segmented blades offer faster and cleaner cuts along with a longer blade life. Featuring a modern design combining a segmented and continuous rim, the turbo blades are an ideal solution for fast, precise cuts. Superior blades are able to cut through steel easily, making them an ideal choice for applications where steel rebar may exist within the material.

Consisting of more than 15 blade sizes, the Contractor series’ three different configurations are available to suit a wide range of applications: segmented, continuous rim and turbo. The segmented blades have a 10 mm segment height. With a smooth edge design, the continuous rim blades provide the cleanest, most precise cuts. Offering the best of both worlds, the turbo blades combine the speed of segmented blades with the smoother cutting ability of continuous-rim styles. They are intended to cut material such as concrete, masonry block and brick.

Featuring a continuous rim design, the Barracuda series is a premium line that offers the smoothest, thinnest cuts for wet or dry applications. S-slots in the blade prevent heat buildup, extending blade life. Furthermore, the S-slot design keeps the blade from warping and allows straighter, more precise cuts. It is designed exclusively for beauty cuts.

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