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BN Products introduces BNT-40 Rebar Tier

BNT Products rebar tierFor more than 30 years BN Products has been making products and tools that save money, make money and add value to contractor's bottom line. Now, they introduce the new BNT-40 Rebar Tier.

The new product reduces tying time. It ties up to 6x6 (3/4-inch by 3/4-inch) rebar. It is lightweight and has a compact body and a brushless twisting motor. The tool includes two batteries and a battery charger. High-capacity 14.4-volt Lithium-Ion batteries provide up to 2.500 ties per charge. The tool uses 21-gauge non-proprietary spooled galvanized wire and provides up to 128 ties per spool with a simple, one-handed operation.

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