Coatings for Industry’s new tool makes pitch identification a snap

CFI pinhole detectorEvery commercial flooring contractor knows that getting the floor to the perfect pitch to accommodate drainage is vital to a successful installation. Now Coatings for Industry (CFI), a leading supplier of industrial coating products, is helping flooring professionals make that part of the job a snap.

CFI is making its self-branded Pitch Identification Tool available to customers who place any size order. It is also available to non-customers and prospective customers for $5.99.

Typically, to determine a floor’s pitch, the contractor has to put down water and watch where it drains. This will always stall the job, potentially for hours, as the floor dries, because epoxies and other coatings can only be applied on a completely dry surface. As work progresses, further delays ensue each time the process is repeated.

The Pitch Identification Tool uses ball bearing-type rollers to let the installer visually determine where the substrate slopes, as often as necessary, without holding up work.

“Proper drainage is important in preventing damage to floors, equipment, and neighboring walls and doors, as well as slip-and-falls. Factories, warehouses, firehouses, hangars and other facilities with in-floor drainage systems are particularly at risk for issues due to improper pitch,” says Jim Peterson, industrial sales manager for Coatings for Industry. “Our Pitch Identification Tool is simple to use on the fly, and can be a game changer when the clock is ticking on a project.”

Each Pitch Identification Tool kit includes two chrome rollers, instructions and a custom CFI drawstring pouch.

“I came up with this idea in order to provide our customers and potential customers with another tool they can use to help them become more efficient, and to keep CFI’s name in mind when they think about floor coatings,” Peterson says.

Coatings For Industry Inc. started more than four decades ago as a manufacturer of specialized, high-technology industrial, architectural and aerospace coatings. Today, CFI manufactures the highest grade of coatings, which contractors can purchase directly, and prides itself on being flexible and responsive to the needs of its customers. CFI’s family of coatings is trademarked under the names Alseal, Siloxseal, Urethabond and Wearcoat.

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