Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag by The Cement Solution Co

Reusable Concrete Mixing BagThe Cement Solution Co. LLC recently introduced a new product to the market called the Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag. This bag allows users to thoroughly mix a 40-pound, a 60-pound or even an 80- pound bag of ready-mix concrete by hand in less than one minute. It not only mixes the concrete better, it mixes it faster than the traditional wheelbarrow-shovel method. And it does this all without using machinery.

To use the Reusable Concrete Mixing Bag, open the top of a ready-mix bag of concrete. Then place the mixing bag over the opened sack. At this point, you will then tip the combined bags so that the ready mix pours into the mixing bag. A helpful chart is printed on the Mixing Bag to help a user add the correct amount of water for any size bag of ready-mix concrete. Close the mixing bag using the provided hook-and-loop cinch strap. Rock the mixture back and forth for 30 to 45 seconds. Finally, pour out completely mixed concrete.

The bag eliminates the need for any mixing tools. It is also ideal for remote projects, such as wilderness cabin and trail maintenance projects or hard-to-reach areas of urban and suburban projects.

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