Dramatic Cost Reduction in FeelsWarm Countertop Heaters

Heated Stone Products, creator of FeelsWarm® stick-on countertop heaters to warm stone surfaces, announced today a significant drop in price of the company’s standard-sized heaters. Manufacturing improvements have allowed the company to reduce the price more than 50%, making heated countertops an affordable option for new markets outside the high-end luxury home industry.

The success of FeelsWarm over the past five years has enabled the company to invest in advanced automation processes that directly reduce fabrication costs of the FeelsWarm product line, particularly the costs of rectangular heaters for desks, straight overhangs, tables and vanities.

This reduction not only appeals to owners of mid to lower-valued homes, but to contractors and renovators looking to enhance the value they bring to their customers. The product can be marketed to new or existing homes with stone or quartz countertops as a low-cost offering, greatly increasing the homeowners use and value of their countertop.

“Our customers in the luxury home market absolutely love our products,” explains Jahn Stopperan, President of Heated Stone Products. “Whether there is a new countertop involved or a ‘do-it-yourself’ installation on an existing stone top, this new automation now provides a cost-effective option for others to experience the same benefits.”

FeelsWarm patented (pending) heaters work with all types of stone countertops (granite, marble, quartz, and engineered stone) and are the only products on the market specifically for stone counters. The product is designed to heat select areas only, particularly overhangs and places where people rest their arms, and can be customized to heat new countertops as well as existing counters with a unique shape.

Interested parties are to contact Jacqueline Lundeen at 952-898-9505 ex. 1 or via e-mail at jlundeen(at)feelswarm(dot)com.

About Heated Stone Products
Minnesota-based Heated Stone Products manufactures FeelsWarm® Heating Technology, the patent-pending technology of thin heaters used in combination with stone countertops, including both existing and new countertops. Its dealers and market partners are premier fabricators serving luxury homes and businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Specializing in foil-based heating elements, Heated Stone Products designs and fabricates unusually large heaters using advanced, quick-turn processing techniques. www.feelswarm.com.

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