Electrocution #6 cause of workplace death – construction workers and installers most affected

Just-released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that electrocution-related accidents take a high toll on U.S. workers. According to the statistics released Nov. 19, 2015, local government employees who work on power lines averaged 78 days away from their jobs in 2014; this is almost double the next-highest total (40 days for construction laborers).

Every year, hundreds of Americans are killed and thousands injured due to electrical hazards. Among workplace causes of death, electrocution ranks sixth. Workers in two industries — construction and installation/maintenance/repair — suffered the highest number of electrocution-related fatalities on the job between 2003 and 2007. However, about 62 U.S. agricultural workers also die each year from causes related to electrocution- often due to overhead power lines. A number of children and adults also are electrocuted every year due to contact with downed electrical lines or objects that touch downed lines.

Among fatal workplace incidents in private businesses in 2014, more than one in five occurred in the construction industry, according to the most recent OSHA statistics. Electrocution ranks second on the list of top causes of death for workers at construction sites, after falls. These "Fatal Four" — which also include being struck by an object or becoming caught between objects — accounted for nearly 60 percent of the 74 construction worker deaths last year. Labor trade contractors at high risk of electrocution-related accidents include Roofers, Tree-trimmers, sewer and pipeline personnel, and painters.

More than half of all occupational electrocutions occur in the construction industry, and heavy equipment often plays a role. Among incidents of contact with overhead power, heavy equipment accounted for half, including: cranes, 56.5 percent; drilling rigs, 7.7 percent; dump trucks, 6.7 percent; and bucket trucks, 6.7 percent.

To help increase safety and raise awareness about electrocution-related accidents, The Electrocution Lawyers has launched a new personal injury website, Electrocuted.com. The new site provides critical information, including a resource center, frequently asked questions, legal rights and statistics.

Heavy equipment among worst culprits
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