Elite-Cut Generation of Diamond Blades Launched by Husqvarna Construction

Elite-Cut diamond blades
The new generation of Elite-Cut diamond blades is specifically for cutting specialists who demand top performance in their diamond tooling. By combining two innovative segment designs – the Exo-Grit and Z Edge – the new blades have increased cutting times and blade life.

This new generation of Elite-Cut diamond tooling was developed for contractors who spend most of their day cutting concrete, and can feel the difference between a low performing and high performing blade.

Husqvarna developed the Elite-Cut diamond tooling using two segment designs – the brand new Exo-Grit and the Z-Edge. This created a series of diamond blades thtacut smoother, faster and lasts longer than anything before it.

Smarter features to keep operation safer

To reduce the risk of accidents related to pinching and/or kickbacks, the blades have Smarter Features. These clear, visual indicators give the contractor instant feedback on the blade’s wear, side clearance, direction of rotation, cutting depth and intended application.

Three segment types

The new Elite-Cut range uses three different segment types: Exo-Grit Z-Edge segment gives the segment
a controlled active surface, enabling smoother and more efficient cutting. This also helps to extend the speed of the blade, while also improving slurry evacuation.

Flat Exo-Grit segment helps increase the life of the blade by minimizing the segment’s friction against kerf walls, while also improving slurry evacuation.

Flat Exo-Grit Plus segment increases the blade’s life by protecting the core from excessigve wear when cutting in abrasive materials.

Husqvarna Elite-Cut S 35

Elite-Cut S 35 is equipped with the new Exo-Grit Z-Edge segment, designed to deliver smooth and fast cutting in hard materials, such as granite and hard concrete.

Husqvarna Elite-Cut S 45

Optimized for cutting in reinforced concrete, Elite-Cut S 45 comes with both the new Exo-Grit Z-Edge segment and the new Flat Exo-Grit segment with dimpled edge.

Husqvarna Elite-Cut S 65

Elite-Cut S 65 has three segment designs to maximize the performance when cutting building blocks and other abrasive materials. The new Exo-Grit Z-Edge and Flat Exo-Grit segment, and the new Exo-Grit Plus segment to provide maximum wear resistance.

About Husqvarna Constriction

Husqvarna Constriction is a division of the Husqvarna Group. It is one of the world leaders in both machinery and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. The range includes machines, diamond tools and also services for concrete sawing & drilling, concrete surfaces & floors, and remote demolition. Husqvarna Construction products are available worldwide. The company uses its extensive network of service centers and distributors covering more than 70 countries to sell and also service equipment. As a registered trademark of Husqvarna, Husqvarna AB (publ) owns this division as well. www.husqvarnacp.com

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