Exaktime Releases Jobclock Time and Attendance System

Exaktime, Inc., a technology company focused on the construction industry has introduced the Jobclock, a hardware and software package that allows remote job time and attendance tracking utilizing Dallas Instruments’ ibuttons, Palm Inc.’s Palm Pilot and the latest PC technology.

The heart of the Jobclock system is a small, construction grade timeclock that can be affixed and left at the job site. Because it is weatherproof, tamper-proof and battery powered, it is entirely self-contained. Employees clock IN and OUT via miniature ibuttons designed to be carried on their keychains. The supervisor can come to the jobsite any time of the day or week and download the attendance records via the Infrared strobe built into the Jobclock and a Palm Pilot. Right on the jobsite they can see who has touched in, who was late, who was early and who should be there any time of the day. Once back at the office, the time records can be automatically transferred into the Jobclock software in a PC that can generate printed reports for any employee, crew, or job site.

Converging Technologies Provided the Solution
“The problem of time and attendance tracking in the construction industry is not a new one,” said Scott Prewett, VP of Business Development at Exaktime, Inc. “The Jobclock system takes advantage of the low cost of Dallas Instruments ibuttons and the easy availability of Palm Pilots. Contractors no longer have to second-guess hand-written employee time cards or spend time adding up hours. There is simply nothing like it on the market.”

“What I like about the Jobclock is its simplicity,” said Lou Pagano of Little Foot Construction. “It took only minutes to install and understand. My employees like it and my bookkeeper refuses to go back to having to read scribbled-in time cards. We even use one Jobclock to track the use of the company’s tools.”

The Jobclock System is Designed for A nyone in the Construction Process
Painters, framers, roofers, remodelers, masons, plumbers and electricians can all benefit from tracking arrival and departure times. A primary benefit will be to companies who are running multiple job sites and do not have a
full-time supervisor at each site.

For more information please contact Val Doran, Marketing Manager for Exaktime, Inc. (818) 901-9326 or visit them on-line at www.exaktime.com.

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