How the Xo 55 Duo Handles Synthetic Resin in an Industrial Floor

Mixing multi-component materials can create costly problems.

Let’s use synthetic resin as our example, which has both a resin and a hardener.

Too much hardener speeds up the reaction and hardens too quickly.

Too little hardener leads to weak spots.

The only way to guarantee quality is when components are evenly mixed. It creates the strongest chemical bond.

Mixing timing is critical

Chemical reactions happen fast. Within minutes, a synthetic resin starts to harden.

With a short ‘pot life,’ it’s critical to mix quickly without stopping.

It’s also important to apply the product within the proper window.

Thorough mixing is critical

In a concrete renovation or pours with highly-stressed components, products are filled with quartz sand and mixed as a heavy, plastic mortar.

Duo avoids an uneven mix that compromises quality of your product.

Duo’s two paddles are ideal for mixing multi-component materials

With two counter-rotating paddles, the paddles “force” the material through them.

The mixing is thorough and fast.

Fast and effortless mixing

And because the paddles rotate in opposite directions, the torque of the paddles cancel each other out, making it easy to handle. It´s nicknamed “DUO”, because unlike all other paddle mixers, our Xo 55 R Duo has two paddles, mixing even faster and more thoroughly at a time.

Collomix X055R Heavy Duty Double Mixer

Offered by Concrete Decor Store

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