Laticrete Unveils the Company’s First-Ever Dedicated Grow Room and Greenhouse Coating System

SpartaCote High-Yield System with Lux AdditiveLaticrete, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has launched the SpartaCote High-Yield System with patent-pending Lux Additive. The company developed this industry-first resinous coating system specifically to increase photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) reflectance of floors and walls by up to 56%. This effectively increases the amount of light available for photosynthesis.

The SpartaCote High-Yield System with Lux Additive is designed as a complete grow room and greenhouse-specific high-performance coating system. It is also the company’s first product targeting the rapidly developing market for the cannabis cultivation, indoor farming and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industries. The product’s innovative reflective technology successfully lowers energy consumption. It does this by helping to offset the cost of artificial lighting. It also provides more complete exposure in the space to increase plant yield.

“Grow rooms and cannabis extraction facilities present unique challenges due to demanding regulations. They also require a hygienic environment that promotes healthy plant growth,” said Ben Lampi, Laticrete product manager.

“The SpartaCote High-Yield System provides an innovative solution to this challenge in its ability to offer a rapid cure time. It can be easily cleaned and maintained due to its seamless application. It also has a longer floor life and chemical resistance to washdowns and fertilizers. Best of all, the durable system helps growers reach higher productivity and save energy costs due to the unprecedented benefits provided by our Lux Additive.”

More about SprataCote High-Yield System

The SpartaCote High-Yield System with Lux Additive is FDA and USDA compliant. It also comes with an optional non-slip traction additive.

Providing versatile installation for horizontal and vertical applications to deliver reflectance to the whole room, the system offers rapid return to service to minimize downtime and interruption. It also allows a quicker start to growing crops.

Suitable substrates include concrete flooring, exterior-rated plywood for flooring and walls, concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls and drywall.

SpartaCote Flex Pure Clinical Plus is an optional antimicrobial topcoat available with the system. This option offers silver ion technology to further reduce risk to plants from bacteria and mold. Additionally, it protects the surface from degradation, discoloration and odors.*

*Antimicrobial technology protects the treated article against mold and mildew deterioration. Antimicrobial technology is not a replacement for normal cleaning practices or protection for its users.

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About Laticrete

Laticrete is a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry. Laticrete offers a broad range of products and systems covering tile and stone installation and care, masonry installation and care, resinous and decorative floor finishes, concrete construction chemicals, and concrete restoration and care including the Laticrete SuperCap System.

For 65 years, Laticrete has committed itself to research and development of innovative installation products, building a reputation for superior quality, performance and customer service. Laticrete methods, materials and technology have been field and laboratory proven by architects, engineers, contractors and owners.

Offering an array of low VOC and sustainable products, Laticrete products contribute to LEED certification. They also exceed commercial/residential VOC building requirements, and have one of  the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. For more information, visit

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