Spartacote Product Line Gets Expansive Upgrade

Spartacote Product LineLaticrete is a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry Recently, the company significantly expanded its SpartaCote product line of self-leveling epoxy floor coatings for decorative and protective applications. The expansion includes SpartaCote General Primer, SpartaCote Surface Build and SpartaCote Surface Build UV. SpartaCote General Primer is a quality primer compatible with all SpartaCote epoxy products. This eliminates the need for installers to stock multiple primers, thus reducing inventory carrying costs. SpartaCote Surface Build and SpartaCote Surface Build UV are premier multi-purpose, self-leveling epoxies. The have enhanced durability, for a higher quality and more uniform end result. In addition, Laticrete has advanced the product line’s color capabilities with the all-new, industry-first SpartaCote Universal Pigment System.

“Elevating our SpartaCote product line with two new self-leveling epoxies and a high-performance primer with improved formulations ensures that we are offering contractors more options that save inventory space and remove the need to carry various primers and epoxies,” said Ben Lampi, Laticrete Product Manager. “These product consolidations and formula advancements ease the fieldwork and further solidify the SpartaCote product line as a top-tier product class in the competitive epoxy flooring category. To top it off, our industry-first Universal Pigment System provides the logical upgrade from our former pigment system with greater color customization and improved vibrant shades.”

SpartaCote General Primer

SpartaCote General Primer, when combined with proper surface preparation, creates a durable base for SpartaCote epoxy systems by promoting strong substrate and intercoat adhesion while helping to eliminate common issues such as outgassing. The product includes an improved formulation that produces a higher quality surface preparation, resulting in a stronger bond and a more uniform finish. It is easy to mix at a two-to-one mixing ratio, eliminating mixing errors. Additionally, its low VOC and low odor composition make it ideal for interior or occupied spaces. The clear formula offers an approximate coverage of 200 to 300 square feet per gallon (6.6-9.8 m2/L). You can apply it over concrete, concrete masonry units, steel, tile, cement back boards or other SpartaCote Epoxy Floor Systems.

SpartaCote Surface Build

SpartaCote Surface Build provides exceptional longevity and is engineered with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance to stains and spills. Made of low VOC and low odor composition, the product’s multi-purpose benefits add greater field flexibility and improved leveling properties. This makes it easy to work with and reduces the number of surface defects while creating a better overall finish. Additionally, job site waste and mixing errors are prevented thanks to a simple two-to-one mix ratio. SpartaCote Surface Build UV offers all the same benefits as SpartaCote Surface Build. However, this product now offers with greater protection against ultraviolet light, resisting yellowing and degradation. Ideal for use as a topcoat, it mixes easily with a simple three-to-two mixing ratio. Both products can be installed with an approximate coverage of 80 to 160 square feet per gallon (2.0-3.9 m2/L) with suitable substrates including concrete, tile and existing epoxy flooring.

SpartaCote Universal Pigment System

As a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind color system, the SpartaCote Universal Pigment System is compatible with all clear SpartaCote epoxy, urethane and polyaspartic products. It is formulated with highly concentrated pigments that provide vibrant color and excellent hide. The system is available in 13 standard colors with additional custom color matching accessible through the AnyColor program. This allows contractors, architects and designers to create a truly unique and custom space. SpartaCote Universal Pigment System is the first to market with pigments that work with all chemistries. This eliminates the need to carry and stock multiple pigment lines and the need for short-filled products. With the SpartaCote Universal Pigment System, users can effortlessly achieve beautiful and vibrant color every time through easy-to-mix field dispersions that utilize simple, packaged pre-measured units in 1-gallon and 5-gallon (3.8 L and 18.9 L) mixes.

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About Laticrete

Laticrete is a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry. Laticrete offers a broad range of products and systems covering tile and stone installation and care, masonry installation and care, resinous and decorative floor finishes, concrete construction chemicals, and also concrete restoration and care including the Laticrete SuperCap System.

For 65 years, Laticrete has committed itself to both research and development of innovative installation products. The company has built a reputation for superior quality, performance and customer service. Laticrete methods, materials and technology have been both field and laboratory proven by architects, engineers, contractors and owners.

Offering an array of low VOC and sustainable products, Laticrete products contribute to LEED certification. They also exceed commercial/residential VOC building requirements, and have one of  the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. For more information, visit

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