Low-carbon cement discovered

A proprietary geopolymer binding agent from Blue World Crete Inc. called Geo-Blue Crete II is intended as a low-carbon-footprint alternative to portland cement. It looks like, acts like and works like portland cement, and can be distributed in the same way with the same equipment, at a fraction of the manufacturing cost.

Geo-Blue Crete II is less dependent on water in its concrete mix and can reach much greater compression and tensile strengths than the original Geo-Blue Crete. The product results in a high-performance concrete that may top 10,000 psi. It is water-retardant and acid-retardant, discourages the oxidation of rebar, and has a near zero coefficient of expansion, which makes it helpful in below-freezing temperatures as well as in tropical regions of the world. It does not transfer heat very well, which makes for great insulating properties. Finally, it is made of post-industrial waste materials.

The company is currently seeking manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

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