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Majority of Americans not happy with construction firms' phone manner

Only 21 percent of American consumers are satisfied with the way construction businesses handle their phone calls, new research has revealed.

The study of 2,234 people, conducted by audio branding specialist PH Media Group, found standards in the industry fell below the American average of 32 percent, while insurance companies performed the best (41 percent). Customers of architectural firms are the least content, as only 20 percent of their customers are happy with call handling standards.

Companies who provide a top-class call handling experience can distinguish themselves from the competition and create new positive perceptions of waiting on hold. But the research results suggest construction firms still have a lot of work to do in this respect.

Perhaps there is a tendency among companies to focus their attention and budgets on visual marketing and internet presence when the telephone remains a crucial aspect of branding, marketing, and sales.

This study, which was the largest of its kind conducted in America, also discovered males are more satisfied (25 percent) with the way construction firms answer their calls compared to their female counterparts (18 percent).

In terms of location, people in the Northeast and the South were found to be the happiest with their telephone experience (22 percent), followed by the Midwest (21 percent), and the West (20 percent).

Williamson added “Regardless of demographic breakdowns, the statistics demonstrate a gap between current perceptions and desired standards across the board."

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