New burnishing pad features embedded heat shield

Prosoco Inc.’s new Consolideck Heat high-performance burnishing pad uses an embedded heat shield to quickly create exceptional gloss and shine on finished concrete floors. It’s custom-made for burnishing microthin protective coatings of Consolideck LSGuard into polished concrete, but also works well on hardened or densified fooors without LSGuard. Heat’s unique feature is an embedded heat shield. As the pad creates heat from friction, that heat rises, only to be bounced back into the floor by the heat shield. The floor temperature quickly reaches 91 1/2 F, which fuses LSGuard into the concrete for a tenacious bond and unmatched gloss. The double-sided pad is made of natural fibers glued together with nontransferring resin, which means Heat leaves no resin trails. It’s stocked in 27-inch, 20-inch and 7 1/2-inch sizes. Heat is also available in 17 specialty sizes, from 9 inches to 28 inches. ?

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