Stonclad G2 Floor System from Stonhard

Stonclad G2
Photo courtesy of Stonhard

Stonhard recently added a new, environmentally friendly product, Stonclad G2, to its line of Stonclad floor systems.

Stonclad G2 is a four-component, polyurethane mortar system. The system incorporates post-industrial recycled glass. It also incorporates rapidly renewable materials into its composition. This makes it a good fit for sustainability-minded projects that won’t use traditional epoxy floors.

Users of the Stonclad G2 system can expect the same strength and resistance properties, including resistance to thermal stresses, as Stonhard’s Stonclad UT and Stonclad UR systems. Because it is a seamless system, with no joints for dirt to build up in, Stonclad G2 requires just simple maintenance.

For areas where epoxies and even urethanes traditionally do not perform well, such as kitchens, wineries and food processing areas, Stonclad G2’s unique polyurethane formulation makes it a new and high-performing option. Because it omits low VOCs and contains recycled and rapidly renewable materials, Stonclad G2 contributes LEED points to MR6 and MR 4.1 and 4.2 and is available in 10 standard colors.

About Stonhard

Stonhard is the unprecedented leader in manufacturing and installing high-performance floors. The company engineers its seamless, long-lasting, easy to clean systems for both industrial and commercial markets. The company also brings the same performance to its wall and lining systems.

Joining both form and function, its floors are the dependable go-to choice for tough manufacturing environments. However, it still honors innovative design for commercial environments. Epoxy, urethane and fast-track methyl methacrylate resin-based systems deliver a broad range of options for every market and application.

Stonhard manufactures and also installs products throughout the world, with headquarters in Maple Shade, New Jersey.

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