New Hilti PR 300-HV2S dual slope rotating laser

Hilti rotating laserThe new Hilti dual slope rotating laser PR 300-HV2S works horizontally, vertically and in dual slope mode with an easy user-guided interface that includes a remote and receiver in one device.

All Hilti exterior lasers, including the Hilti PR2–HS, PR 30-HVS and now the PR 300-HV2S, are complete with the most innovative drop-resistant technology, equipped with protective features internally and externally. The rotating laser can resist drops from a tripod at 5 feet and the receiver can withstand drops from 6.5 feet due to the new PRA 83 rubber housing.

If slope values are provided, the new, digital, dial-in functionality allows users to enter the X and Y values and the tool does the work. However, when trying to identify an existing slope the PR 300-HV2S includes an auto-alignment feature which aligns the laser to the receiver, allowing the user to read the slope value on the display. Simply set the tool up, press “auto” and watch it work for all types of applications.

Pair the tool with the Hilti Automatic tripod PRA 90 for the fastest, one-person height transfers when compared to traditional methods. In vertical mode, auto alignment replaces string line applications. The laser line remains in a steady position, unlike string which is prone to movement.

Hilti rotating lasers are highly accurate tools, however even with Hilti’s built-in protection features, such instruments can be effected over time by everyday use. The Rotating laser PR 300-HV2S is backed by Hilti Calibration Service to provide continued reliability and accuracy. When sent to Hilti for repair, the PR 300-HV2S will be calibrated and adjusted as needed, with the calibration confirmed in writing for professional assurance. The Hilti Dual slope rotating laser PR 300-HV2S is covered by Hilti’s Tool Warranty 20/2/1 which consists of 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts; 2 year no cost repair including wear and tear; and a guaranteed 1-day turn-around on repairs.*

Hilti is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of quality, innovative and specialized tools and fastening systems for the professional user. With more than 1,500 highly trained Hilti account managers and engineers throughout North America and an additional 1,300 Hilti employees nationwide, Hilti expertise covers the areas of powder actuated fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond coring and cutting, measuring, firestopping, screw fastening, adhesive and mechanical anchoring, and strut and hanger systems.

For more information about the Hilti Dual slope rotating laser PR 300-HV2S please contact Hilti Customer Service. From the U.S., call Hilti, Inc., at 1- or visit; from Canada, call Hilti (Canada) Corporation at 1-800-363-4458 or visit

*Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.

(800) 879-8000

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