New Labor-saving Product Densifies and Cures Concrete in One Step

DensiKure by ProsocoThe latest new offering, DensKure from Prosoco’s concrete flooring products, is a time-saver on newly placed, smooth, steel-trowel-finished concrete floors.

Prosoco DensiKure combines the chemistries that densify and harden concrete with ones that cure concrete, eliminating the normal wait times between the two steps while the concrete hardens, dries and cures.

By forming a membrane on the surface of new concrete, DensiKure locks in moisture to enable a complete cure. Treated concrete floors are typically dry in 60 minutes.

While the new product will be available via traditional distribution outlets, Prosoco designed it primarily for large square footage projects like new warehouses and distribution centers.

According to Nick Savage, head of Prosoco’s Concrete Flooring Group, the biggest advantage of DensiKure in the field is labor and time savings.

“Typically, when an early application of a densifier is allowed, you go in, clean the slab, apply a densifier, wait for it to dry and then come back and apply a cure,” he says. “Or you put a cure down, wait 28 days for the concrete to cure, then you remove the cure and apply a densifier.”

“DensiKure saves you a trip around the building. You apply it once with a pump-up sprayer and micro-fiber pad or soft-bristle broom, let it dry, and you’ve got a densified and cured concrete surface.”

Why DensiKure?

A single-source densifier and cure, DensiKure helps a new concrete slab retain the moisture it needs to properly cure, and prevents water getting out of the concrete too quickly via vapor transmission.

“If there’s too much transmission too quickly, that’s where you get cracking and weakened slabs,” Savage says.

DensiKure also leaves several options open for building owners who wish to do something different on the floor in the future.

“If they want to come back and do something later, such as polish the floor, DensiKure is easy to remove,” Savage adds.

For more information, contact your local Prosoco rep, visit or call Prosoco Customer Care at 800-255-4255.

About Prosoco

Based in Lawrence, Kan., Prosoco is a national manufacturer of products for cleaning, protecting and also maintaining concrete; making building envelopes air- and water-tight; and cleaning, protecting and restoring new and existing masonry buildings. We strive to provide innovative products and services that improve the appearance and performance of our built environment. Since its founding in 1939, Prosoco has fostered a reputation across the nation and internationally. They are a company that goes above and beyond for our customers in every way possible.

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