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NewLook unveils efflorescence-stopping admixture

NewLook International Inc. has unveiled EffLock, a unique admixture for concrete and masonry that permanently stops efflorescence.

EffLock reacts when hydrogen is present and stops reacting with the concrete mixture dries out. NewLook claims that EffLock will react each time the concrete gets wet, preventing the formation of efflorescence for the life of the concrete. NewLook claims EffLock also improves the performance of densifiers and penetrating sealers. It binds contaminants and other salt-based minerals that can inhibit a penetrating sealer’s ability to absorb and react.

EffLock is available in liquid or powder admixture form as well as a topical spray for existing concrete and masonry surfaces. NewLook recommends mixing approximately eight ounces to 10 ounces of EffLock per each 100 pounds of cement. Additional EffLock material may be added to ensure performance.

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