QC Debuts New QC Concrete Dye

QC Debuts New QC Concrete Dye - Color Chart seen hereQC Concrete Dye is a translucent, micronized, chemically inert and nonreactive pigment. When applied to overlays, profiled or polished concrete. It will provide intense coloring effects without creating a film or coating that can be worn away.

Uses and Benefits
  • QC Concrete Dye is for use in interior applications only.
  • It deeply penetrates and resides in the microscopic voids and substrate structure of properly prepared concrete and overlay surfaces.
  • It is a viable alternative to traditional reactive stains, such as QC Patina Stain, when a larger color palette or ease of installation is required. QC ConCrete Dye is also ideal for polished concrete due to its depth of penetration.
  • It can be utilized in conjunction with all QC Systems as a coloration tool in the production of concrete flooring and pre-cast elements provided that the installation will not be subject to UV Light exposure.
  • QC ConCrete Dye is manufactured as a ready-to-use product both in water-based (WB) and solvent-based (SB) formulations. Both products can be diluted in the field with multiple types of liquid to yield a range of color effects. These liquids include, but are not limited to, water, acetone, xylene, isopropyl alcohol and mineral spirits.
  • You can also dilute it to achieve a broad spectrum of colors

The dye is manufactured as a ready-to- use product both in water-based and solvent-based formulations. Available in 16 standard colors, it can be field diluted with a variety of liquids, from water to acetone, to yield a broad range of hues. This dye is available in 1-pint, 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers, and it is for interior use only.

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