Ruwac Introduces Hybrid Explosion Proof Dust Collectors

Ruwac USA is one of America’s most innovative designers and manufacturers of technologically advanced, superior quality industrial vacuum and dust collection systems for virtually all industrial applications where a Higher Level of Protection is required.

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Ruwac will customize both your dust collection and tubing system specific to your application. Our professional engineers will help you meet both OSHA and NFPA requirements to present a safe working environment for your employees and properly collect the material in question. Whatever your application, we will work with you to provide a safe and cost-effective solution to your needs.

Ruwac’s Hybrid Explosion Proof Dust Collectors – Multi Function Dust Collection Previously you needed a separate dust collector and a separate industrial vacuum to keep your facility clean of dust and powders. Now, the Ruwac Explosion Proof product lines are the first hybrid, multi-function machine that can be used for both activities and are NFPA compliant and completely built in the USA. Available in a wide range of operating voltages and capacities.

  • Certified Explosion Proof Dust Collectors
  • Class II, Div 2 or Class I, Div 1,2 (Group D); Class II, Div 1,2 (Groups F & G)
  • NFPA 652 and 654 compliant industrial vacuum
  • Continuous duty TEFC explosion proof motor
  • Fully grounded, fully conductive, bonded and grounded components and accessories
  • All Vacuum producers’ fans and motors are protected from dust laden air
  • Point-of-source extraction
  • Dual functionality of dust collection and post process dust handling
  • Doubles as a vacuum for industrial housekeeping
  • Proudly Made in the USA
About Ruwac USA

Ruwac USA is a leading manufacturer of portable, central and specialty industrial vacuum systems. Made in the USA, Ruwac’s industrial vacuums are synonymous with reliability, durability, innovative design, and also superb filtration.

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