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B.E.P. Forming Systems has introduced three new products. The Eliminator is the world’s first all-aluminum lightweight clamping forming system. The Big Expander Expanding Filler System, with built-in capacity to expand up to 32 inches, is the first all-in-one forming system. The Combo Panel & Brickledge System helps contractors quickly form ledges on poured walls.

The Eliminator requires no pins, wedges or bolts when setting forms. Instead, it utilizes a powerful clamp that significantly speeds project completion as it increases project accuracy. Weighing 5.5 pounds per square foot and available in heights from 1 foot to 10 feet and lengths from 1 foot to 21 feet, the system can easily be set by hand or with a crane. The Eliminator features rotating panels, giving the contractor ultimate flexibility in placement, and it is compatible with all traditional forming systems on the market.

With the premiere of the Big Expander Expanding Filler System, B.E.P. has become the only form manufacturer to offer forming panels with the capacity to expand on the spot. The system effectively eliminates the need to purchase additional filler panels to form box bays, corners, fireplaces, or complex foundation elevations. The Big Expander System is compatible with all face-sheet connections and attaches with a simple pin and wedge or bolt.

The B.E.P. Combo Panel & Brickledge System offers alternatives to traditional ledge systems that require contractors to drill or nail ledges to a form. The Combo Panel, based on the Big Panel design, encompasses B.E.P.’s reusable Power Taper Ties to let contractors set a ledge in seconds, using a simple, attached ledge bar. The Brickledge System is an all-aluminum ledge that installs on any aluminum form outfitted with utility holes. It is offered in a wide range of sizes from 6 inches to 16 inches in height and 1 foot to 21 feet in length.

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