Strobels Supply Inc. Releases “The Different Types of Floor Coatings”

Strobels Supply Inc. has announced the release of its latest resource “The Different Types of Floor Coatings.” This guide provides an in-depth look at different types of floor coatings including epoxy coatings, PVC coatings, and polyurethane coatings.

“Flooring needs to have a suitable coating that keeps it protected for as long as possible,” according to Strobels Supply Inc. The material used for the coating will vary and depends on whether it will be used outdoors or indoors. Using all types of coatings can provide a layer of protection for the floor which enables the floor to achieve a nice aesthetic. Epoxy floor coatings use both a polyamine hardener and resin. This floor coating is known for durability and providing a shiny appearance without being slippery.

PVC floor coatings, also known as vinyl floor coatings, are a polyvinyl coating that is easy to maintain and resists moisture. This floor coating typically lasts around 15 years and has three main types- homogeneous, conductive, and heterogeneous. A polyurethane coating is made up of a polymer or plastic, incorporates polymeric isocyanate with poly, and utilizes additives and catalysts. This floor coating is sturdy and does not chip, crack, or fade. Additionally, its benefits include chemical resistance, longevity, easy to clean, and being a non-slip surface.

To learn more about the different types of floor coatings, please visit Strobels Supply Inc. here.

About Strobels Supply Inc.

Strobels Supply Inc. is both an industrial supply distribution and liquid paint application company. They are focused on meeting customers’ needs in industrial supply distribution, liquid paint application, and Precidium floor coating.

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