Marketing Interview with Fu-Tung Cheng

A marketing professional discovered the genius of Fu-Tung Cheng after he decided to renovate his home with concrete countertops. (Yes, this guy, Jay, of an agency called And Update My Website, decided to do the countertops himself rather than hire a concrete pro, but I hope you’ll forgive him his DIY impulse.)

After he read Fu-Tung’s books and found out a little more about his life, he wanted to learn even more, so he set up an interview with the man. Fu-Tung doesn’t do things the usual way, which has led to an interesting ability to be successful without following “the plan” that most experts will tell you you have to do to be successful in business. Fu-Tung does things his own way, with his own philosophy, and it works.

This extensive interview delves into how Fu-Tung got his start in concrete and also the important decisions he made along the way. We get a sense of the why and how Fu-Tung proceeds in business the way he does.

Some interesting tidbits that Jay picks up on are that Fu-Tung’s videos are “quietly persuasive: simple, direct, practical, and full of the kind of tips and tricks that can come only from a true master of a craft.” Jay also feels it’s important that Fu-Tung’s educational materials were not “commercials.” He said that he and his wife didn’t feel any suspicion toward Fu-Tung’s motives while watching the DVD that came with the book purchase. “We just trusted you, and then wanted to buy from you,” Jay says.

Whatever kind of decorative concrete we specialize in, aren’t we all ultimately in the trust business? Offering informative and useful real content along with transparent motives will help you to gain this trust. Freely sharing information without trying to sell all the time engenders trust, which ultimately means that you’re more likely to build the customer base you want.

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