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Decorative Concrete Tips: Hand-held Pump Garden Sprayer

A normal household garden sprayer makes staining concrete that much easier.Want more flexibility, speed and control when applying stains to concrete? Here’s a great garden sprayer that Marvin Dodson at Rare Earth Labs was recently using while demonstrating the use of his acid etch stain products. Available at your local K-Mart or Wal-mart stores, this small hand held pump sprayer has an adjustable nozzle for fine mist spray application under high pressure or gentle sprinkling or streaming action at low pressure. The only metal part susceptible to acid corrosion is a small spring which is replaceable and available at your local automotive supply. In fact, with regular water cleanup after every use, a single spring will last several jobs. For the ultimate look on your next stain job this sprayer is one heck of a tool. — Marvin Dodson, Rare Earth Labs

Staining concrete can be made easier with a simple garden sprayer.

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