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Vol. 1 No. 3 - Fall 2001

Creative Use of Decorative Forms and Liners Make Concrete Look Like What It's Not

large scale colored concrete retaining wallStructurally unbeatable, decorative forms and form-liners are creating a timely and profitable advantage on more and more jobsites, big and small.

By Susan Brimo-Cox
October 1, 2001
Cutting Pictures in Concrete with Diamond Blades

Engraved multicolored butterfly created with an artful eye.Discovering the right tools and techniques can make pictures in concrete very fun and rewarding.

By Elise Crain
October 2, 2001
Take the Guesswork Out of Selecting Diamond Blades

A close-up of a diamond blade help in selective the proper tool for the job.Selecting the right diamond blade to run on concrete saws is the best way to maximize your equipment investment. More and more companies offer diamond blades. But how can a contractor choose the right blade for the right saw?

By Thom Fisher
October 3, 2001
Repairing Concrete Cracks by Making Them A Part of Your Design

SawTec saw and vacuum combination creates an easy way to chase cracks on a concrete slab.Repairing cracks properly is one thing, making them a part of your design concept is becoming a popular alternative.

By Susan Brimo-Cox
October 4, 2001
Polishing Concrete: Putting a High Shine on an Old Mix

Walk-behind concrete polisher works on the inside of a garage floor to achieve the best look for this project.Super smooth concrete, buffed to a gloss, seems too nice for a hardware store, much less a warehouse place. Don't be fooled. The near-mirror finish not only looks good and is tough, it also saves money by dramatically cutting the labor and materials needed to clean and maintain it.

By Dave Cagle
October 5, 2001
Mark Donaldson and Rebecca Meyers, Skookum Floors, USA

Contrasting colors makes for a very sharp design of light and dark gray concrete in a circular pattern.When Mark Donaldson and partner Rebecca Meyers saw a decorative concrete floor they knew instantly this was the product they were seeking. Impressed with decorative concrete's cost-efficiency, durability and unlimited design potential they were quick to recognize its commercial possibilities.

By Robert Simpson
October 6, 2001
Slip Stone Extruded Wall System

The new Slip Stone System works to enhance extruded form wall applications much more efficiently.Rolling Along! Slip Stone System Enhances Extruded Walls. For extruded form wall applications, decorative concrete is no longer a stranger.

By Susan Brimo-Cox
October 7, 2001
Quick Release Block Forms for Creating Concrete Landscape Blocks

Creating large landscape blocks has never been easier, create V-Interlock, Landscape, Mid-size landscape and knob style blocks is easier with the quick release tool.Quick Release Block Forms for creating large landscape concrete blocks are available in a variety of sizes. Liners can create various rock and stone patterns and last for a minimum of 100+ uses under normal conditions

October 8, 2001
Delux Roller Tools to Enhance the Grout Lines of Imprinted Concrete

Using a roller to enhance grout lines makes imprinted concrete really pop.A new roller tool to enhance the grout lines of imprinted concrete.

October 9, 2001
Blastrac Handheld Shotblaster

Blastrac 1-5HH cleans concrete quickly and efficiently.The 1-5HH is an excellent tool for cleaning concrete or doing a decorative profile to horizontal or vertical surfaces.

October 10, 2001
Decorative Concrete: Is it art? Or is it concrete work?

Concrete art circles in blues, browns and oranges gives life to an otherwise simple room.Concrete is being used as a final interior flooring surface in direct competition with wood, tile, marble, and slate. Concrete surfaces can be stained, scored, sandblasted, overlayed and stamped — or a combination of the above.

By Jim Peterson
October 11, 2001
Retroplate: Moving from Experience to Technology in Polished Concrete

Highly-reflective floor in a main lobby of a building.Each slab of concrete is unique, polishing it can require a lot of experience and often involves the attendant mistakes. Advanced Floor Products in Provo, Utah, decided to develop a concrete-polishing technology to eliminate some of the guesswork.

By David Cagle
October 12, 2001
Decorative Concrete Tips: The Torpedo Groover

Torpedo Groover by Slip Industries works very well for long and straight applicationsThe “Torpedo Groover” from Slip Industries has become an invaluable tool for the guys that know its advantages in placing control joints but as a decorative hand tool it has also taken on some slick advantages.

October 13, 2001
Decorative Concrete Tips: Hand-held Pump Garden Sprayer

Using a garden sprayer from a local hardware store takes staining to the next levelHere’s a great garden sprayer that Marvin Dodson at Rare Earth Labs was recently using while demonstrating the use of his acid etch stain products.

By Marvin Dodson
October 15, 2001
Learning Opportunities, Essential to New Skills and Improving Old Ones

Hands-on training takes your concrete skills to the next level.Concrete Decor had the opportunity of participating in a Scofield Institute training seminar in San Jose, Calif. The evening before this two day event we enjoyed a great dinner hosted by the L.M. Scofield Co. The sold-out event included a unique blend of both new and seasoned tradesmen to this “Interiors Workshop.”

October 3, 2001
Decorative Concrete Techniques: Coloring Tips

A spider web pattern was engraved and stained on the floor of this bar space in the Nashville Dinner Theater.Tips and techniques for a successfully adding color to concrete.

October 16, 2001