Vol. 6 No. 1 – February/March 2006

Soy-based Concrete Stains

Using soy-based materials to strip, stain and seal concrete can be about as healthy as it gets. Concrete artisan Dana Boyer is selling the soy-based line through her concrete contracting outfit, Concretizen. Developed by friends of hers at New Century Coatings and sold by several "private label" resellers, the products have been personalized by Boyer to fit her vision.

Precast Cement Coving for Floor Coatings and Overlays

You find them on the floors of restrooms, kitchens and hospitals, among other places: curved, angle-free baseboards called “rolled radius cove.” Users have also called them “ship’s cove,” too. They called them this because inventors created them for use on ships to make floors easier to swab clean. Why the […]