How One Artisan Created Perfect Harmony with a Concrete Table

A sturdy concrete table with a center area for decoration.

Shelley and Guy Chomistek of Rafter C Precast Concrete in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, built this outdoor table on common ground between their customers, a couple.

Concrete table using Cheng Design Charcoal NeoMix“The clients wanted us to create a multifunctional yet artistic table that contained clean lines,” Shelley says. “The couple, however, had very different personalities. He was very practical and wanted something functional. She was interested in design and style and wanted a unique piece of furniture.”

The Chomisteks call this piece the “Harmony Table.” The concrete table depicts harmony between earth, fire and water. At the same time, it maintains the harmony within their clients’ household, Shelley said. “He can enjoy the function of his ‘cooler table,’ and she has a very unique piece of furniture that can be decorated with simple elegance.”

This concrete table can be used as a place to keep beverages cool as well.For this project they used Cheng Design products: Charcoal NeoMix, Cheng Sealer and Cheng Wax. The 2-inch top is a precast bottom-pour piece that was polished with diamond pads from 50 to 1,500 grit to expose a variety of rocks and jade insets — the jade symbolizing love, inner peace, harmony and balance. After the final polish, it was sealed and waxed for maximum protection.

“Guy has taken training from Fu-Tung Cheng and Buddy Rhodes, and this piece shows characteristics of both their styles,” says Shelley. ;“The legs on this table have a Buddy Rhodes influence, as the solid legs are hand-pressed with a very dry mix. The veined look is then achieved by using a darker slurry to fill the voids.”

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