Transform Your World of Concrete with Metal Plating

How to use metal resin to make your decorative concrete shine.Amidst a myriad of decorative coatings for concrete, PlateAll Metal Coating emerges with a way to transform your concrete with metal plating. PlateAll can transform a rather ordinary concrete surface into one that resembles solid cast metal with many of its attributes. This innovative coating provides artisans access to the realm of the extraordinary.

PlateAll Metal Coating is a combination of a specialized polyester resin mixed with a composite metal powder and a catalyst. When putting the PlateAll mixture into a conventional spray gun, cold spraying it onto most any substrate, including concrete, is preferable. This will create a seamless metal surface of aluminum, brass, bronze, chrome, copper, iron, nickel, silver, or stainless steel.

When preparing a substrate for adhesion, the process of using PlateAll is easy and creates a permanent bond. Use Plateall on stucco-coated EPS systems such as archways, crown moldings, cornices, columns, mantels. Many other architectural elements use it. The goal is to create a magnificent bronze or brass design on a floor or a wall that is “real” metal, not just paint that looks like metal, but “real” metal. Use PlateAll outdoors and design a beautiful copper garden sculpture or fountain. One can also coat ordinary garden tiles with nickel silver. The only limit with PlateAll is your imagination.

About PlateAll

PlateAll Inc., a metal coating company, has been a leader in the metal plating industry since 1998. For years, Plate All has been supplying its unique process worldwide to many different industries. PlateAll’s mission was to develop a metal coating which would set a new standard of beauty and durability in the world of aesthetic design and utility.

The integrity of the PlateAll metal coating built upon using sound materials which are time tested in the marketplace for strength, durability, and longevity.


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